What to Expect as a New Patient

Each client admitted to the ALT Recovery treatment program will receive a confidential medical and clinical screening. Because everyone is unique, our comprehensive intake process is designed to ensure all individual patient needs are addressed. Once proper maintenance is achieved, ongoing counseling and doctor sessions help keep the client on the road to recovery.

Incoming patients can expect:
– Meeting with counselor to determine appropriate treatment plan and set goals and expectations
– Medical screening and assessment with the nurse
– One-on-one session with medical doctor to determine individual dosing needs
– Random drug screening in accordance with state and federal regulations
– Ongoing meetings with counselor, nurse and medical doctor to help monitor progress

The ALT Recovery Group New Way Forward uses a combined treatment approach with medication, counseling and support services in a person-centered approach for lifestyle changes to improve your quality of life. You are the most important member of the healthcare team. The more you know about different treatments, program requirements, and the recovery process, the better your outcomes with us will be in terms of achieving your health and wellness goals/objectives.

The three different medication assisted treatment (MAT) options for opioid use disorders approved by the FDA are:

Program Enrollment and Admission
We recommend completing the administrative paperwork packet in an office visit before your first clinic visit for medical evaluation and program admission (medication induction, first dose). You will need a photo ID and an insurance card if you are not a self pay patient. If eligible, you should apply for New Medicaid prior to seeking services with us.

The first visit will be a long one (2-3 hours); you should have someone present to drive you home in case the new medication affects your ability to drive safely. You will need to bring all your pill bottles and have a full bladder for a urine drug screen sample. To receive your first dose of buprenorphine for induction you must be in persistent mild to moderate withdrawal.

Currently first visits for medical intake, evaluation and starting treatment are offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings starting at 6am on a first come, first served basis. With a $70 deposit you may receive an appointment slot with the physician at another time later in the day on a special basis.

During the induction period of the first two weeks of treatment with methadone or buprenorphine, you will need close medication monitoring when you return for supervised dosing with a nurse. How you respond to treatment will help determine your dosing increases or changes until you are stabilized on your continuing dose to avoid withdrawal symptoms from opiod cessation and to reduce cravings for opiod use. New patients on buprenorphine will likely reach their stabilized safe and effective dose more quickly than those starting treatment with methadone. With methadone, new patients will visit the clinic 6 days a week with a Sunday take-home dose. With buprenorphine, new patients will visit the clinic 3-5 times a week with Saturday and Sunday take-home doses.

During the first 14 days after admission (first doses) each patient will complete a psychosocial assessment with a counselor and attend classes in ALT Recovery Group program orientation and Narcan overdose prevention.

Without insurance, the new patient intake fee is $140 which may be split into two payments. NM Medicaid (Centennial Care) and most private insurance cover all three MAT treatments. Each Medicaid managed care organization (Molina, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Presbyterian, UnitedHealthcare) pays for patient transportation to and from medical appointments when needed.

For more information or assistance, please communicate with the Program Coordinator by visiting the clinic or contacting him to discuss program enrollment: calling toll-free at 1-877-258-4301, via email at info@altrecoverygroup.com or text message at 575-587-5587.

You should also view the documents below to be sure that our services are best suited for your desired recovery from using heroin or prescriptions painkillers for non-medical reasons.

Enrollment Forms (these five items are only part of larger packet of forms):
New Patient Contact/Registration Form
New Patient Appointment Deposit Notice
MAT Treatment Contract (Buprenorphine & Naltrexone)
Methadone Treatment Agreement
Patient Code of Conduct

If you are a provider who would like to refer a patient, please download the Referral Form and fax the completed form to 575-522-3151. You may also share our Break Your Addiction flyer with your patients.